Our Clients

We provide analytical services to investors seeking insights into the policy changes in Washington with real implications for markets. We also provide economic and political consulting services for clients seeking to effect change in Washington by employing analytical tools. Our policy areas include tax, trade, healthcare, energy, and financial services sectors.

MGA works with clients spanning a variety of industries and has advised both small firms and large corporations. Recent and current clients include:

  • A law firm seeking economic analysis and political insights for its clients
  • A Fortune 500 medical products and services company adversely affected by foreign-source income tax rules
  • A real estate development company concerned with IRS interpretation of partnership-related tax law
  • A biopharmaceutical firm seeking a pathway for follow-on biologics
  • A Wall Street investment bank seeking insights into tax policy, financial services legislation, and infrastructure-related legislation
  • An energy company interested in infrastructure investment policy
  • A tax-exempt organization that provides assistance to new homebuyers