New Research

Estimated Cost of FDA's Proposed Generic Drug Labeling Rule: Updated for 2017–2024

New Analysis Finds That FDA Proposed Rule Would Add Billions to Drug Spending

July 2016 -- This updated analysis concludes that the FDA's Proposed Rule to permit generic drug manufacturers to change drug labels would increase generic spending by $5.6 billion in 2017, rising to $8.6 billion in 2024. . . . Read the full study here

Payor Strategies to Promote Biosimilar Utilization

New Study Recommends Incentivizing the Use of U.S. Biosimilars

April 2016 -- This study suggests that carefully constructed physician incentives from public and private payors could boost biosimilar utilization, benefiting U.S. patients and the health care system as a whole. . . . Read the full study here

Economic Benefits of Increased Home Dialysis Utilization and Innovation

New Paper Highlights Strategies to Foster Home Dialysis in the United States

March 2016 -- This paper identifies barriers to home dialysis and suggests that if these barriers were removed, the resulting increase in home dialysis utilization would send strong signals to innovators to develop new technologies. . . . Read the full report here

Recent Research

The Economic Viability of a U.S. Biosimilars Industry

  • This analysis shows that a robust U.S. biosimilars market for a broad spectrum of biologic products is unlikely but that biosimilar entry for blockbuster biologic products is viable.

Considerations of the FDA's Impact on Competition in the Drug Industry

  • This paper examines how the FDA, within its core mission of ensuring the safety and efficacy of drugs, affects competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Health and Economic Benefits of Weight Loss among Obese U.S. Adults

  • This study estimates the potential savings, nationally and for the Medicare population, from preventing the development of five comorbidities by reducing obesity rates by 10 percent.